Friday, November 13, 2009


Welcome to the Marcus' Law and Politics Blog. This space will be primarily devoted to explaining a little bit about practicing law in a small town. The goal is to provide information that may be useful to a wide range of people. We will address legal issues that we have encountered in helping our clients. We will address technology concerns and solutions that we use in making this office more productive and available (i.e., this blog) that other small office may enjoy. We may even address some of the political issues that are impacting our clients. The possibilities are endless!

Next, maybe I should include a little about my law firm. The Law Office of Marcus L. Vanover, P.S.C., currently has one attorney and four support personnel. I have been practicing for nine years, all of which have been in small firms or as a sole practitioner in southern Kentucky. While small town practice to me involves knowing a little about several areas of the law, we now focus on just a few. That's not to say we will not try to help out in other areas if we can do so competently. However, at this time we focus on real estate, oil and gas law, disability claims, bankruptcies and personal injury cases.

I look forward to providing updates here. Hopefully someone will find it useful. Enjoy.